M e H u N a   M e n s c h   H u n d   N a t u r






The world is made up of energy. No energy, no life. Energy must flow just like our breath or the blood in our veins.
What happens when this no longer happens easily? Everything is connected.

When energy is blocked we have a problem: our life force stagnates. Therefore I always strive to find a way in which to supports and encourages the natural flow of energy. One speaks of breathing in life-energy. The breath always plays a part. How we breath plays a huge role in how we take in this life energy; the food for our soul. We need to be connected with nature, animals and our fellow humans and learn to grow beyond ourselves and adapt to a new form of human socialization. For this, we need to get to know ourselves again in order to go through life in a mindful manner and to recognize once more what is essential in life.

Nature gifts us daily with the energy we require to remain in our center, so that there can be a balance between giving and receiving. Within each of us is enormous potential waiting to unfold. Go ahead and reach for it...

You want to roam free?
See, the good lies so near.
Learn to embrace happiness,
Because happiness is always there.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
(German poet, 1749-1832)


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